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Andrew Sexton

Andrew started working on cars and trucks with his dad (Dale) at a very young age.  After gaining an ample amount of basic automotive knowledge as a teenager, he realized this was something he enjoyed so much and he would pursue it as a career. Andrew began his professional automotive career in 2006 as a customer service advisor at a retail automotive service center. While he enjoyed the face to face interaction with his customers, he really wanted to get his hands dirty. A year later he chose to take the next step in pursuing his dreams and became a professional automotive technician.  He learned a lot over the next year turning wrenches in retail, but ultimately he knew he would need to keep climbing the automotive industry ladder and began working for the dealership, L2 Automotive. Over the next year he became GM Certified, Kia Certified, and qualified for the level of Kia Master Tech.  One thing became apparent throughout his training over that time, he could do it better.  He wanted to work for a company that wouldn't pressure their customers, provide a nice clean environment for their customers and technicians, treat people right, educate and help out his customers, and where the employees were treated as the most important asset of the company.  So with the encouragement of his Fiance' Jennifer,  Andrew and Jennifer decided in order to find that type of environment, they would have to create it themselves!  ATS Automotive was founded in 2009 and has been flourishing ever since.  Andrew has since graduated from the Automotive Technical Institute, and makes it a priority for his employees to attend Vission Hi-Tech training every year to produce a better overall product and value for his customers.

Andrews Hobbies Include:
Dirt Bikes
Spending time with his family.

Andrew's Favorite Food is Lasagna... with a side of Mt. Dew!

Andrews Current Project Car(s):
1998 Mitsubishi GSX

Co-Owner, Service Technician

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