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Kelvin is a United States Army Veteran who spent two years in the Army and 6 years in our National Guard.  Kelvins professional experience in the automotive industry began with his time at AMCCO, where he performed battery and vehicle service.  Shortly thereafter he worked for Zimmerman Ford in New Car Prep for approximately 6 years.  Kelvin spent some time out of the automotive industry working for the Eastern Iowa Airport for nearly 15 Years.  During that time he became close friends with Dale, who recognized Kelvin's great customer service, and battery technician skills.  Kelvin was referred to Andrews shop when the need for a 24/7 AAA Battery Technician arose. With his experience and charm, Kelvin was a natural for the position. Kelvin has provided the Cedar Rapids and surrounding area great customer service for the last 4 years.  If you see him on the road in one of our battery assistance trucks, feel free to say hi!


Kelvins Hobbies Include:

Fishing, Football, UFC, and Video Gaming


His Favorite Food is Anything BBQ


Kelvins Current Project Cars Include:

1991 Chevy Caprice

1994 Nissan Pickup

Battery Technician

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