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New or old, all vehicles need upkeep.  ATS Automotive offers a full line-up maintenance and tune-up options.  Most importantly, we will be up-front and honest about what your vehicle needs.  We believe in being honest with you, because we know a happy customer is a returning customer.

Car ceramic disc brake with yellow caliper
 We know that regular service plays an integral  part in keeping your car on the road.  Need 5 quarts of full synthetic 10W30 or to flush fluids such as brake fluid?  Need us to check your alternator or battery?  Has your vehicle developed a new squeek you want us to find?  Nothing is too small or to large for us to handle.  All makes and models are welcome!
      Stopping and going.  Two sides of the same coin that ensure you get to your destination quickly and safely.  Whether that means a check of your A/C belt or a new set of Thermoquiet brake pads, we have you covered.  Most importantly, we will tell you what you need, why you need it, and what you need to know for the future.  We will always be honest with you and we won't ever sell you anything you don't need.
Stack of Tires
     The wheels on the car go round and round.  The suspension on the car goes up and down.  Pretty simple rules for an important system. 

Until we get our hover-cars, wheels and suspension will be required to get us where we need to go.  ATS Automotive has the skill, and the determination to make sure you have the best parts for your vehicle.



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